See What a Man Did After He Was Caught by CCTV Stealing a Man’s Wallet at a ATM (Video)


A man who planned to steal another man’s wallet had a
hilarious response after spotting a CCTV camera filming
him in the act at an ATM cashpoint.
The clip shows the man approaching the cash machine,
where another man is getting out some cash.
He stands behind the hooded fella, before sneakily grabbing
his wallet from his left pocket.
The victim appears completely unaware as the thief looks
around to see if anyone had spotted the act.
But – unfortunately for him – someone or something did.
He stares directly at a security camera before deciding to
throw the stolen wallet on the floor.
While continuing to apologise to the CCTV, the bloke
taps his victim on the shoulder to suggest he has dropped it.
The grateful man shakes his hand as the guilty lad strolls
Watch the video below:


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