LYRICS: AKA – 10 Fingers Ft. Anatii


LYRICS: AKA - 10 Fingers Ft. Anatii


LYRICS: AKA – 10 Fingers Ft. Anatii

[Intro: AKA & Anatii]
Yeah, nanaaaaaaaa
[Hook: AKA]
I paid the price to be the main man
10 years running what you saying man?
Now they recognize me like a name brand
I think my future needs some Ray Bans
Pull up to the spot take a photo
Smoking loud you can smell it from the corridor
Mama proud I just bought her a new auto
All the haters they gon’ val’ umlomo
Mirror, mirror who the baddest?
If you take a hit don’t lose your balance
Show me two young things who got some talent
You gon’ think my stylist speaks Italian
[Bridge: Anatii]
Akabambeki kana hhayi lowo
Ubambelela on the styrofoam
Anything can happen after my show
It’s just me and ta ka Kairo
Live fast never die slow
I’ve got a special button for the Nitro
I’m getting money like the white folk
10 fingers on the bible


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