“The Ngee Show”: 12 dos and don’ts when travelling this holiday season



The new episode of "The Ngee Show" focuses on travel etiquette over the holidays.

Ngozi (Ngee) presents a holiday special episode of her web series “The Ngee Show”.

The new episode is titled ‘How to behave when hitching a ride this holiday season’.

In this new clip, Ngee says she created this new episode “especially for my Eastern brothers and sisters”.


In her comical delivery, the show’s host offers some holiday travelling tips. Here are some points she talks about:

  1. Keep to time

  2. Comport yourself accordingly

  3. Ask which seat to take

  4. Don’t become a car DJ

  5. Ask before rolling windows down

  6. Don’t become a detective

  7. Avoid foolish questions

  8. Don’t turn the car into a pick up

  9. Get off where you say you’re going

  10. Pre-inform car (owner) of extra luggage

  11. Keep good hygiene and keep bowls in check

  12. Don’t rear a snake in your pocket

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"The Ngee Show" is a series of webisodes made by Ngozi (Ngee), which focuses on real life in Nigeria, and mostly relates to Nigerians.


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