LYRICS: Olamide – Woyo


LYRICS: Olamide – Woyo

Lyrics Of Woyo By Olamide

It’s Young John the wicked producer
Young John i dey sick for this one
[Verse 1]
This one na conscious shii
Fun awon temi ti won le paro shirt
Fun awon obinrin to de tun ti raka
Independent ladies t’ole ever bo skirt fun sugar daddy
Tori nkan to maa je, won le ever lo hotel
Omo na time go tell “what?”
Omo na time go tell “what?”
Omo na time go tell
Eni to real ati eni to fake ni bi yii
Eni to make e ni bi yii
Eni to hype ati eni ton je cake ni bi yii
Nitori pe mo ti clean bi Clinton, bouncer wa fe ma bill
Se bi mo fun yin l’owo l’ana
kilode gaan, e koshi lo jare ke chill
B’awon ore mi ba ti jii, to ba lo gym
Time yen lemi maan dream
Time yen lemi man calculate bi shay maa flipp owo mi
S’eyin lee imagine?
Omo you know i’m a Gee, local ni mii
E fun mi ni juice ati gin
Awon nnkan ti mo maa roo ni igba mi
Ti ba narrate e f’oku, walahi won maaa jiii
Billion dollar dream
Aye o de ni one’s lowo
Chilling in the wood, we be smoking in the wood, we be
talking about life pelu
guns lowo
Awon temi won le saa ninu hood, afi to ba to ko amber
rounds lowo
Emi de re mo ni lucky yahoo, ti ba lo si cafe, won burst
Eeh see the life living everyday
But we gat to make it anyway
Daddy mi ti lo s’oko, mummy mi de ti re odo
Woyo yo yoo “Woyo yo yoo”
Woyo yo yoo yo yoo yoo
Woyo yo yoo “Woyo yo yoo”
Woyo yo yoo yo yoo yoo
[Verse 2]
I’m not even gonna lie
Aye ti suu mi, ni gba ti mo lowo l’owo
Awon nkan gbadura, awon nkan kowo je, awon nkan doro
Mo fi ilefo maneuver lori titi oloda
Won ni ki ti owo omi b’aso
Ti o ba ti komije, ko lo vomit, a le chop knuckle
Emi ati e o le gbowo
Ghetto ni mo rep, o je ko ti mo
Lavender law maa fi nshe perf
Tin ba tin soro to dun mi lokan, awon oloriburuku, o maa
ni mo ti gbef
I was told **** in. te ba ti le help, e kori buruku lo te ba
ti le help
Igboro ni mi, omota de ni mi
E le ni moo ras, I don’t give a F
Life is a pot of beans, oyinbo s’aso ko se fitting
All my n****s trying to get their money bi ti fitty
Olonsho, won woo bum bum, won wa lori titi, won waa
customer, ko le ba ri owo
Omo what a pity, won ni ofe ni igbala
So a nshe ishe eru
Every night, bo lo si church
Guilty conscience loo ma pa e bo san tithe
If poor man go church ko mind to be je ko shay cleaner
But na only rich man pikin fit school for Redeemers



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