Couple married 64 years hold each other ’ s hands before dying minutes apart ( photos)


A couple married for 64 years spent their final
few moments together clutching each other’s
hands tightly before dying minutes apart in
neighbouring hospital beds.
Dolores Winstead, 83, and husband Trent
Winstead, 88, from Tennessee died in
Nashville’s Saint Thomas West Hospital – five
weeks short of their 64th wedding
Only days earlier Dolores had been
completely healthy when Trent was admitted
over his failing kidneys.
They had been by each other’s side for six
With their children Eddie and Sheryl, she
watched over him as his condition worsened
and he was moved to intensive care.

Then on December 7 Dolores suddenly began
to complain of a headache and was taken ill.
It later transpired she had suffered a severe
brain aneurysm – and needed to be
connected to a ventilator as – in tandem with
her husband – her condition began to

Hospital staff worked to get them placed in
the same room – and the couple were
pictured holding hands next to each other.
Dolores died first, with Trent blowing her a
kiss when he was told she had passed before
then dying himself a few hours later.


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